OBO Systems

The complete product range with perfect support OBO systems provide connections In an abstract and literal sense. They create mechanical or electrical connections.
Reliable, safe and of the highest quality. Product features such as installation speed, load capacity, functionality, availability and safety are at the forefront of every innovation. Discover the world of OBO systems, on the internet or directly from us.

VBS | Connection and fastening systems

  • Junction box systems
  • Concealed and cavity wall systems
  • Terminal systems
  • Cable fastening systems
  • Cable and pipe fastening systems
  • Pipe systems
  • Support clamp systems
  • Rail systems
  • U-clamp systems
  • Screw-in and knock-in systems

TBS | Earthing and lightning protection systems

  • Surge protection, energy technology
  • Surge protection, photovoltaics
  • Surge protection device for data
  • Protection and spark gaps
  • Measuring and test systems
  • Equipotential bonding systems
  • Earthing systems
  • Interception and arrester systems

KTS | Cable support systems

  • Mounting systems
  • Fastening systems
  • Cable tray systems
  • Mesh cable tray systems
  • Cable ladder systems
  • Wide span systems
  • Luminaire support systems
  • Modular systems
  • Stainless steel systems

BSS | Fire protection system

  • Insulation
  • Escape route installations
  • Fire protection duct
  • Function maintenance cable tray
  • Function maintenance cable ladder
  • Function maintenance vertical ladder
  • Function maintenance individual routing
  • Function maintenance metal duct
  • Function maintenance junction boxes
  • Anchorings

UFS| Underfloor systems

  • Screed-covered duct systems
  • Screed-flush duct systems
  • In-concrete duct systems
  • On-floor installation trunking systems
  • Service units
  • Frame cassettes and height-adjustable
  • cassettes
  • Heavy-duty cassettes
  • Installation systems for accessories
  • Outlets and complete solutions
  • Systems for raised and cavity floors