Linear Energy

Linear Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a Solar Photovoltaic Developer providing Tier-1 Products and Complete Energy
Solutions in the fields of Solar PV, Energy Efficiency and Power Quality Management.

Linear Energy Pvt. Ltd. has great vision. The company will deliver more energy efficient solar energy products at competitive prices. The technology behind the construction of the modern photovoltaic on/off grid systems is innovative. Our company will solve the problem of a million people by offering the ergonomic energy efficient custom solar energy toolkits. The company analyzes the energy efficiency of these solar systems before launching products.

Linear Energy Pvt. Ltd. always goes ahead with high ambition to escalate the business. Experts are employed to design the futuristic pilot projects for experiments and tests. This is an unending self-discovery process to increase the potentiality of all solar energy products. There will be strong initiatives from the side of the management to introduce more advanced project management systems to implement a handful of great energy renewable projects. We have to convince our customers in the long run. Our mission is to tackle complicated technical issues to make all the latest solar energy
products free of errors. At the same time, we are also bound to be at your doorsteps with fast online solutions. Visit us to know about our activities. Check our solar kits which have been modified for the sake of facilitating more than 20 million people. There is no hassle to operate our upgraded solar energy packs. We have a good roadmap to guide common citizens on how to save energy using our solar kits. In this connection, our online portal must help you to find the best answer with current updates, free quotes, and content for products comparison. It is our mission to prevent you from
losing energy. You can save a lot of dollars by using our on/off-grid solar systems.

Leading New Business Models

We were the first to develop a Private REC Solar PV Plant, back in 2012.
Also, we were the first to achieve Net-Zero Bill for a Net-metered Customer in India, in 2016

Energy Solution

Whatever be your Energy Need, We provide a Great and Reliable Solution –Off-grid, On-grid, Gen-set sync, Storage.
We have delivered more than 115 solutions so far!

Registered and Certified

We have been registered with MNRE, Govt. of India since 2015. We have a rating of #3C from SMERA accreditation agency and have delivered solar solutions to NGO’s, HNI’s, Zila Panchayats and PHED Contractors.

Quality meets Lowest Cost

Rest assured. We achieve Cost Competency by our presence in the Value Chain and through long-term relationship with Tier-1 Vendors! No wonder we have aggregated more than 10 MWp of Solar Solutions.