Drone for Solar Panel Audit

Solar panel fields, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections. Usually photovoltaic (PV) solar panel field inspection requires use of two sensors – infrared (IR) and daylight cameras, to detect faulty panels which heat up because of connection issues, physical damage or debris.

Drone equipped with thermal camera is the best choice for solar panel field inspection, as in most cases it saves costs compared to manned aviation and saves time compared to visual control with handheld IR camera.

Benefits Of Drones For Solar Inspections

  • Rapid and easy scans for roof tops and arrays
  • Hot spot identification showing defective cells / geotagged image
  • Diagnostic purpose / planning of panel placement
  • Infrared signatures show defective panels
  • Keep the solar running at peak efficiency
  • Save time with pre-selected way point aerial inspections

Drone & Payload Config

Thermal Camera

  • 50mk Thermal sensitivity
  • 12MP visual sensor 30HZ Max
  • Thermal Frame Rate IP44
  • Ingress Protection


  • Sensor: CMOS 1/2.8″
  • Pixel: 2.12MP 30X
  • Optical Zoom 6x Digital
  • Zoom FOV: 63.7° Wide