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The Energy that is Sourceable, Free and Healthy

Linear Energy PVT. LTD. is a Solar Photovoltaic Developer providing Tier-1 Products and Complete Energy Solutions in the fields of Solar PV, Energy Efficiency and Power Quality Management.

Linear Energy was incorporated with IIT ians, technocrats and industry experts on its board in 2009 and since has been guided by its strong board of advisors.

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Linear Energy has delivered solar based solutions for NGO’s, HNI’s, Zila Panchayat , PHED contractors.

Under the new initiative Government of India’s Solar Energy Vision, we at Linear Energy can be seen as a one stop service point for setting up Solar PV Power Generation Projects both in domain of offgrid and on-grid projects.

Solar is cost effective and renewable sources of energy. It doesn’t pollute the environment. The solar energy storage units provide the required amount of electricity when you need it urgently. Especially, in remote areas, people need solar energy in the absence of electricity. We ensure the delivery of top solar energy products to enable you to generate more electricity. Our on-grid and off-grid technology are performance specific. Our establishment has good annual turnover ranging from 5-10 crore rupees.

Once Install the solar energy generating tools in your home or Business. Our experts are available for helping you 24 by 7.

One can use this excess electricity for domestic or business running purpose. The benefit is that this extra stored electricity can be reused at the time of shortage of electricity.